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Investment needed in Domestic Violence services

Almost 800 people, including over 300 children, received support from domestic violence services on one single day last year in Ireland (Safe Ireland report). On November 4th 2015, 120 women, and 166 children were accommodated in refuges. 18 were turned away due to lack of spaces. These figures do not include the many individuals who did not have local or immediate access to refuge accommodation or to services. Domestic Violence …Read More

Landmark judgement in civil abuse case creates new law

The High Court has declared a new civil law in long-term abuse cases.  In a ruling issued this morning (21st May), Mr Justice Michael White has recognised that the long-term control and manipulation that an abuser exerts over a victim which facilitates abuse is in itself a civil offence. Cormac Walsh, from Arklow, who took the case said that recognising the concept of a ‘continuum of oppression’ helps create a …Read More