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Civil Partnership

Legal position of Same Sex Couples & their children in Ireland today:

Although there is no legal right to marry, couples can register a Civil Partnership under the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights of Co-Habitants Act 2010, which came into force in January 2011….a rather large title for a fairly straight forward Act. A Civil Partnership is legally very similar to marriage, and the 2010 Act reflects this in terms of the financial, property and pension rights which it gives. However, the …Read More

Alan Shatter’s 5 Family Law Legacies

Reporting in Family Law and Childcare Cases – the In Camera Rule Notably one of the most significant practical changes to family law practice, the changes that came into force now allow the media to report on family law and childcare proceedings,  according to strict conditions.  These reforms are designed to address the need for public access to important information on the operation of family and child care proceedings in …Read More

Same Sex Couples: The Right to Marry & Children’s Rights

I welcome the recent announcement and commitment given by the Government to hold a referendum on same sex marriage in 2015. Same sex couples currently have no legal entitlement to marry in Ireland, which is against the trend across Europe and internationally. In the last decade, at least 14 other countries have extended the right to marry to same sex couples, and in some cases the full right to adopt. …Read More