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Sexual Abuse


How Can my Voice be Heard ?

How Can the Hurt be Acknowledged ?

Sexual Abuse can take many forms, but usually the cases going before the Courts, involve an adult bringing to light abuse suffered as a child. This can happen in a variety of ways :-

  • Sexual Abuse of a Child by a Third Party
  • Sexual Abuse of a Child by a Family Member
  • Institutional Abuse
  • Clerical Abuse

At D.M Burke & Co., we fully appreciate that taking the initial step of obtaining legal advice in relation to any experience of sexual abuse can be very daunting and even traumatic.

Thrrough our experienced staff, we aim to advise you in a compassionate and sensitive manner, at a pace that is comfortable for you.

We recognise that in many cases the primary motive of making a claim is to hold the abuser accountable for their actions and that any financial compensation awarded is secondary to this. That is why, as your legal advisors, we aim to guide not control, to listen not dictate, and most importantly to ensure that your voice is fully heard.