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Nullity of Marriage

In certain circumstances, a Court may determine that a marriage is voidable – and Decree of Nullity will then render the marriage invalid from the beginning.

This is a Civil Decree, which should not be confused with a Church Annulment. There are several specific grounds upon which a court may nullify a marriage, all of which must be proven to the Court.

Whilst applications for Nullity are now less common, it can be a suitable for option for some people, depending on your circumstances. It is however a more difficult application to make to court as quite specific grounds for Nullity must be proven. This cannot be negotiated outside of court. It is important if you think you may have grounds for a Civil Nullity that you consult with an experienced family lawyer. Exact and detailed background to both the circumstances of the marriage, the time leading up to it and the marriage itself will need to be examined.